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It's time to
2017 Reunion
of the
Navy Musicians Association
June 21-24, 2017
Virginia Beach, VA
Instructions for registering and booking your room by phone or online are here.

The NMA Has a New Mailing Address
Address all correspondence -- dues,fees, forms,donations, etc.-- to
Navy Musicians Association
c/o Stephanie Rowland
PO Box 132
Churchton, MD 20733
New Members
A hearty NMA welcome to our newest members; we're glad to have you aboard!

Thomas S. Tacheny
Lawrence Geis
Alise Larder
Gary Rackley
John Wilcox, Jr.
Douglas Fletcher
David Buckley
Donald Gels
Jim Kormanski
Edward M. Rolnick
Ralph L. Schoch

Mickey Sentif

Dues, Dues, Dues

It's not too late to pay your 2017 dues. Keeping your membership current not only helps the NMA--it's the first step in getting ready for the 2017 reunion. 

Join, Join, Join,

Membership in the NMA is open to all who have served as United States Navy Musicians. Whether you served for one hitch or a full career, you are eligible for full membership. 

Join the NMA and become a member of the only organization of past and present members of official US Navy bands. We're the MUs, and we want you! 

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