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Tips for Finding Navy Musicians

Improve you chances of finding a Navy musician by providing specifc information. This can include:

Name: ("Jeremiah R. Madison)"
Nickname: ("Ronnie")
Instrument: ("Tuba")
Band: ("Unit Band 35," "Navy Band Newport")
Ship: ("USS Constitution")
Time: ("USS Constitution, 1978-79," "Served '75-'95")
Hometown: (South Meadow, TN")

Inquiring any additional information on the Navy band which died in the flight of their last 1961 flight taking off over Brazil and crashing into a commercial airliner after performing for

Inquiring any additional information on the Navy band which died in the flight of their last 1961 flight taking off over Brazil and crashing into a commercial airliner after performing for President Eisehower and the President of Brazil and the memorial stained glass window in a cathedral in south america.

I was planning a trip to Brazil to see this in the future as Mr. Albert Desiderio a violinist a musician in the Navy Band was the younger brother of my accordion teacher Mr Daniel Desiderio ( musician in the Air Force Band retired and civilian accordion teacher at that time 1961 ) Mr. Albert Desiderio was helping his brother Dan substitute to enable me to have music lessons for the time that his brother Dan could attend pressing personal business and it was that time I first and last time met Mr. Albert Desiderio and it made a lasting impression on me.

I will always remember him. I still maintain contact with his brother Dan Desiderio ,I a former student of Dan's. I thought it would be an honor to go to Brazil to visit this cathedral and the place that that tragic event took place and maybe bring back some kind of memorial to Dan to know that his brother is not forgotten. Thank you for any help that you could give 
Arthur Jacobs


Shipmates of Joe Heberer

Subject: Joe Heberer
From: Catlin Gibson 
Date: Tue, November 03, 2015 10:48 am

Hello, I am Joseph Edward Heberer’s widow. He was a Navy musician and I am hoping to find some more videos of him performing for our kids. My 16 year old son would like to put together a performance doing a duet with footage of his dad on trumpet while he plays piano. I found a handful on Youtube, from when Joe was in the 6th fleet band in 1991, just before I met him, posted by John Derby. Joe was also in Norfolk in 1996-97 and on the UNITAS tour, and at the school of music in Virginia Beach in 1998, then in 1998-2000 in Annapolis as an arranger at the Academy, and then in 2000-2002 with the NATO band in Italy. It seems like someone was always taping the shows the bands did, so I am hoping to find copies somehow. 

If you have any ideas for me, please let me know. Thanks!

Catlin Gibson 

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Looking for former  1949 or 1950  Vero Beach H.S. graduate band member who joined the Navy and was in a Navy Band, was a very fine trombone player.

I am not good on mod technology computer stuff but would like to be in touch with Don.

Hope he is still with us.

Thanks for any help.

Former member of US WAF Band


Found: Unit Band 187 Flip Folders

Dennis McIntire writes:

Good Day.
I have obtained a collection of about 80 Naval Band arrangements of national anthems published by the Naval School of Music in the 1950’s. Many of them are stamped Unit Band 187.
They are 5x7 size, and many are in the original folio folders.
What ship or base was this band assigned to?

Is your organization or any of your members interested in the collection? I would like to know more about the Unit Band and donate these arrangements to someone or someplace that would want them.
Thank you for your service and reply.
Dennis McIntire
Salem, OR


Seeking Pearl Harbor unit band survivors.

Bob Barber writes:

I am a Navy Vietnam vet doing research for a possible book about my dad, Harold T. Barber, Jr. who was a navy musician in Unit Band #14. He is 97 years old and I’m working on his memoirs about his duty at Pearl Harbor.
If there is anyone in your group that was a musician Pearl survivor or was stationed aboard one of the capitol ships as a band member, I would love to be able to email some questions.

Also, I’m having trouble finding the graduation dates and unit band numbers of ALL graduates from the Navy School of Music and their initial assignments (EX: #14 was USS Argonne. #22 was USS Arizona, etc.)

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you,
Bob Barber


Robert J. McGarry

Joe Licari writes:

I'm writing a book on a Mr. Robert J. McGarry, a wonderful jazz clarinetist/teacher who received his doctorate in music at NYU,

I'm hoping you can clear up some contradictions about his Navy career. This is what I know already:
Born Nov, 27, 1920...passed away July 8, 2000.

1942 - Taught music at Hazelton High in PA.

1953 -- Nov. 30, 1975 - taught in Millburn, NJ 

According to a 1969 article, he was stationed in a Navy band Charleston, SC. He may have played with the Charleston Symphony.
U.S. Navy Band atrticle states he is part of the Alumni Concert/Ceremonial Band in 1961.
An article McGarry wrote on equal temperament says he retired from the Navy in 1975.

I need to know how his Navy life could have fit in with everything else I told you about him. I would apprectiate anything at all about his Navy career, when he joined, etc. Anything at all will be most helpful. Thank you. Sincerely, Joe Licari


Shipmates of Sam Dalessio

Sam Dalessio writes:

Looking for old friends
I Graduated from the Navy School of Music in 1962  Trumpet player and vocalist
Member of the Unitas III band that toured South America
Gitmo Band 1963- 64

Contact Sam at 

World War I MU Fredrick F. Weisgerber.

Paul Weisgerber writes:

Hello, my name is Paul, and I am in possession of an old Ludwig and Ludwig concert snare that has been passed to me from my Grandfather, Fredrick F. Weisgerber (possibly Weissgerber).

Now, my Dad always told me it was played by Fredrick in the WW1 Navy band. All other details are unclear. The drum dates to the 1912- 1917 time period, although even the Ludwig website and other percussion history websites have sparse information.I do remember seeing a picture when I was young of the band, about a dozen guys in uniform, but do not know what has happend to it.

If I can verify that Fredrick was in fact in a unit of the navy band, it would also solidify the history of the drum. Any help in this I can get would be greatly appreciated. As an aside, this snare is still in great shape, and as a percussionist myself at age 49 is the sweetest sounding snare I have ever heard! Thank you for your time! Respectfully, Paul Weisgerber 


Unit Band 193,  1956-58

John Anderson writes:

Looking for former Band 193 band members that served during period 1956-1958 under Cecil Strange and CWO Ridge. Please contact MU2 John Anderson at or 480-924-5207.



Boston Band Mid-60s
Looking for lost friends from Boston Band back in 1964-65. My name is Ronald Vaughn ( tuba) and a pretty good ping pong player while in San Diego early 60’s- served on Yorktown CVS10- toured Japan 62-63-

Anacosta early 1961 also captain of SOM softball/basketball teams- anyone remember Red Barber !


Fleet Forces Band looking for UNITAS Cruise photos, 1975-1981

MU3 Leah Booth, PAO assistant at U.S. Fleet Forces Band, is looking for cruise photos from the years 1975-1981 for the band's website and Facebook page.
Please contact MU3 Leah Booth at



"Ronald Vaughn" <>
Looking for David Oliver

Charlie Weyant writes:

I am looking for David Oliver. Served in Carrier Division 1 band on USS Ranger and Shangrila on WESTPAC cruise 59-60 with Bill Watrous, Charlie Weyant, Vern Drace. Last beleived to be at Disney in Florida. Please call Bill Watrous at 818-3523419 or email Charlie Weyant at



Looking for Jim Etters

Shipmates of clarinetist and saxophonist Jim Etters wonder if anyone knows of his whereabouts.
Known duty stations are believed to include:

- Navy Band San Francisco, mid-1970s
- Naval Academy Band, late 1970s
- U.S. Navy Band, early 1980s
- Seventh Fleet Band, mid-1980s
- Enlisted Bandleader Course, 1988-89

Contact the webmaster --  with any info.



Unit Band or 7th Fleet Band?

Can you help the surviving members of a WWII Navy band learn an important fact of their heritage?

This band, of whom six are still alive, worked for Admiral Thomas Kinkaid, Commander of the Seventh Fleet in 1944-45. These gentlemen still hold annual reunions, so, collectively, they remember a lot. What they don’t remember is whether their band was "numbered" as unit bands were, or whether they should be known correctly as the 7th Fleet Band.

Do any of you old salts, tale-tellers and historians have any ideas about this? The daughter of one of the bandsmen has given us information to start with: 

“I am contacting you for my father, Ernest Goswick, Musician First Class serving in the Pacific from 1944-1945 under Admiral Kincaid of the Seventh Fleet.


He entered the Navy School of Music in 1944 and was placed with a band and within several months before being shipped out. They were told they were going to Perth Australia. but ended up in the Philippines.


They were never attached to a ship. They left on the USS Ernst and dropped off in Manila and spent their time traveling all around the Philippines playing USO shows, officer clubs dances, shows and concerts. They went where the flag Lieutenant of Admiral Kincaid's unit booked them to go.


Members of the band were:


- Musician 1st class Ernest Goswick (piano, sax, clarinet)

- Paul Herrmann( trumpet),

- Edward Ault (French horn)

- Jay Alday (drums)

- Ed Kosteczko (trombone)

- Herbert Barchat (sax)

- Paul Matulich (Bass)

- Pappy Snyder (sax)

- Lee Voelker (trombone)

- Sol Mann ( drums)

- Bruce White (sax)

- Mac Morris (flute, French horn)

- John Sulfaro ( trumpet)

- Rufus Hedrick ( flute, French horn),

- Bob Sale (trombone)

- John Coates (trumpet)

- Ralph Franchi (sax, clarinet)

- Harold Iverson (bass)

- Paul Webber (trombone)

- Jack Cervone (trumpet)

- Bill Sorrell (Chief Musician, conductor).

So: unit band or 7th Fleet Band? Please contact the webmaster ( with your thoughts or answers.  


Anthony Mazzone writes:

Please help me find information about my recently deceased father, a Navy Musician named Anthony Frank Mazzone of MD. My name is Anthony C. Mazzone and I was his oldest son. Im trying to get info and pictures and friend's email addresses, as I never knew my father.

Please help

Anthony Mazzone


School of Music patch?

I'm looking for the Naval School of Music (SOM) patch from Anacostia, circa 1962. My father went to that school, we are now doing a Navy shadow box with all this places he was during his Navy career...

Any help would be appreciated!


Richard Brown


In doing some research for my CPO induction season, I found the name of the first Master Chief Musician: MUCM G. A. Hartling (311 16 53). He was promoted to Master Chief in October 1958 when the Senior Chief and Master Chief ranks were established. His promotion announcement is located here:
What information does the NMA have about Master Chief Hartling? Whatever information you have to pass along will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
MUC(SEL) Ian E. Charleton
Jazz Harmony/Arranging Instructor
U.S. Navy School of Music
1420 Gator Blvd.
Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek/Fort Story
Virginia Beach, VA 23459
757.462.5724 (253 DSN)



I’m trying to track down a long-lost friend of mine from college, Jim Robinson, who would have been in the Navy in the late ‘60s (1967? ‘68?). I remember he told me he was in the “Navy Band” and he would have played the piano. He would have gotten out of the Navy in the early ‘70s, I think. Was back “home” (Monroe, Louisiana) for a few years and then moved to Vicksburg, Ms. The last time I spoke with him would have been sometime in the ‘80s.

Any help in locating him will be much appreciated.

J. C. Casey, Ph.D.

Norm Detoy
Dec. 29, 1955
1955 to 1979
1956 Basic Course Anacostia, - 1957 UB 147 Norfolk (Sam Anzalone) 1958 Pensacola (Khole & Reynolds) 1960 Newport (Shoemaker & Strange) 1964 Advance Course. Last class to attend old school in Anacostia, 1st class to graduate from new school in Little Creek. 1965 Leader UB 163 AirPac. 1967 TI (Huddleston) 1969 Leader Fleet Sonar School Band Key West Fl. 1972 Leader ComDesPac Band SD 1974 NTC San Diego (Woodring & Engrom) Any of my old Shipmates that would like to make plans to attend reunion next year, please contact me. I'm finding a lot of my shipmates listed on the taps page and think we should reunite while we can. 

Looking for musicians that were on the USS Norfolk in 1961 on ComDesFlot 2 Admiral Bryant's band that went around South America. Also members of the AFSOUTH Naples, Italy band from 1962-1963 and finally the New York Band in 1964.
Ron Fay, MU2


Identity of a 1980s Pearl Harbor drummer


I am looking for a Navy musician who used to be in one of the concert bands in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in the mid to late 1980's.  He was a percussionist, I knew him mainly as a drummer.  He was one of my mom's friends and he would take me into the band room from time to time and let me play the drums in there.  I only knew him from his first name "Jay".  He wrote a couple of songs back in the day for my mother and I've been looking around the internet for any sign of him and to no luck whatsoever.

I don't have much else to go on but by chance and luck just maybe he or someone that knows him might come across this.  Thank you.


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Information on US Navy Band Airplane Crash- Rio de Janeiro

  Navy 1961 Cream of the Crop navy band
Arthur Jacobs <> (Add as Preferred Sender)  
Date: Sat, Feb 27, 2016 3:00 am
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