Navy Musicians Association

Join the NMA

If you have served as an MU in an official U.S. Navy band, you are eligible for membership in the Navy Musicians Association.

Dues are $35.00 per calendar year.

To join (or pay your annual dues) by credit card:
Call NMA Treasurer
Stephanie Rowland at

To join (or pay your annual dues) by mail:

Send a check made out to NMA in the amount of $35.00 to:

Navy Musicians Association
c/o Stephanie Rowland
PO Box 132
Churchton, MD 20733

If you are joining, Include a note with information on your:
  • service dates
  • instrument(s)
  • telephone number
  • email address.
Privacy Policy

Members of the NMA are shipmates, not customers. We won't share your name or contact information with any third party organizations without your prior approval--never, ever. Most members like to have their names, hometowns and email addresses included on our online membership roster. If you don't want some or all of this information to appear on the online membership roster, please inform the website manager.

Refund Policy

Payments for dues are generally not refundable. Requests for exceptions are subject to administrative review. To inquire about a refund contact the treasurer.
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