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We Had a Ball 
at the 
Navy Musicians Association Reunion
June 21-24, 2017
Virginia Beach, VA

Join, Join, Join,

Membership in the NMA is open to all who have served as United States Navy Musicians. Whether you served for one hitch or a full career, you are eligible for full membership. 

Join the NMA and become a member of the only organization of past and present members of official US Navy bands. We're the MUs, and we want you! 

The webmaster is under post-reunion travel orders and is currently unavailable. He wishes you to know that he will soon provide you with:

A new, updated website!
A new updated membership roster!
Photos and videos of the 2017 Reunion!


The NMA Has a New Mailing Address. Address all correspondence -- dues,fees, forms,donations, etc.-- to
Navy Musicians Association
c/o Stephanie Rowland
PO Box 132
Churchton, MD 20733

Dues, Dues, Dues

It's not too late to pay your 2017 dues. Keeping your membership current not only helps the NMA--it's the first step in getting ready for the 2017 reunion.

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